Creating sympathy for a service that just has to be working

ID was the lead agency for the marketing communication of the public transportation company of Scania in Southern Sweden, Skånetrafiken, from 2004 to 2014. In the course of this period the number of passengers increased by 50 per cent. Here are some examples of campaigns and projects we have implemented for Skånetrafiken.


In close cooperation with Skånetrafiken, we conducted a comprehensive strategic project developing three important documents: the brand platform, the communication platform and a guide for customer service.

However, this type of documents have to be put into practice to have any real value, and hence the communication platform became a bible for all communication efforts made throughout the whole decade of our collaboration.


This was a campaign targeting high school and university students. The goal was to display Skånetrafiken’s commitment to corporate citizenship and to invite others to participate. Approximately 5,000 entries were submitted through the campaign site, and the winning design entry from Mikael Ohlsson was realized on 10 regional buses crisscrossing Scania for 4 weeks.


In Scania, public transportation is much more developed than in many other parts of Sweden. This literally brings people, companies and organizations closer and contributes to the dynamics of the whole region. But are ordinary people aware of it? This was the case we remedied by the campaign “See the future”.


In the campaign “The Commuter Experiment” Skånetrafiken let 30,000 motorists in Scania commute for free for two weeks. This was then repeated one time. But already the first venture gave Skånetrafiken 9,200 new customers, and the success made it easy to retrieve the investment. The campaign was made by ID from start to finish, including everything from dr-mailing to the daily press, to outdoor and radio marketing.


ID was instrumental to the process of launching the Jojo brand in 2009. The creation of a separate brand for Skånetrafiken’s travel card had several advantages. Here we could build a brand completely disconnected from bad will from delayed buses and overcrowded trains and instead charge it with new, positive values. From the start all Jojo communication has been built on the motto Smart, Simple and Entertaining.

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