Success by spreading knowledge

Damstahl is the leading wholesaler of stainless steel in Scandinavia. The industry is characterized by a low degree of processing and price pressure. Could Damstahl go from simply being a supplier of materials, to also being a supplier of knowledge?

A position with passion

“So much love for such a thing as stainless steel!” This was our impression after our first visit to Damstahl. Our first meeting proved to be the beginning of a close cooperation where we defined the position “the passionate expert of stainless steel”. This brave statement would help the Damstahl brand on its journey from a somewhat anonymous player to becoming top of mind.

Rise to the occasion

In 2012 stainless steel celebrated its 100th anniversary. For Damstahl it was a golden opportunity to show its passion for the material. An ambitious tribute book, “Stainless Love”, was created to celebrate the metal that has had a huge impact on both manufacturing and design. The book was widely advertised in industry media, and to strengthen important customer relations, Damstahl delivered the books personally along with birthday cakes.

The flavour of stainless steel

What does stainless steel taste like? Nothing! In fact, the purity and hygienic qualities of the metal has made it an indispensible material in the food industry. With this in mind, we developed the concept “have a taste of stainless”. At a trade show, Damstahl offered visitors coffee, beer, water, chips and croissants and showed how stainless steel is a crucial part of the production chain. We also turned “have a taste of stainless” into a Christmas gift to Damstahls valuable customers: a package of Damstahl’s custom blend coffee, with a label saying ”the only rust we like” (the Swedish word rust means roasted (coffee) as well as corrosion/rust).

Turn experts into idols

Damstahl has some of the very best product specialists in the field. The problem was that this was little known outside the company. Therefore, ID helped Damstahl start the blog “snackaomrostfritt” (let’s talk about stainless), where customers can get advice and inspiration directly from the specialists. The blog keeps getting more followers and has evolved into something of an industry forum:

Challenge the competition

There are several types of stainless steel, and in many applications, choosing exactly the right type is vital to the end result. In other words, buying cheap can turn out expensive – and to highlight it Damstahl launched the campaign ”the right type of stainless, at any cost”. The campaign was advertised in industry media, on the Damstahl website and in direct marketing. Customers were asked to review Damstahl’s services and their response was clear: you can always count on Damstahl.

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